VYPE Oklahoma is the largest and most successful free sports magazine in Oklahoma, called the Sports Illustrated for high school sports in Oklahoma. Products include: print & digital magazines, sports news websites, social marketing & events.

VYPE Oklahoma is part of the VYPE High School Sports Media network, with national distribution of print magazines, covering 8 markets & 16 titles. VYPE High School Sports Magazine is the largest free high school sports publication in the nation, delivering 100% positive coverage of high school athletes throughout the U.S. Our astounding growth erupts from a passionate vision to spotlight the accomplishments of high school athletes, teams & coaches through our customized editorial content in a full-color, high-octane, glossy publication, distributed free through high-profile, high-traffic retail locations and directly to high schools.

But, let’s not forget, this is a business. VYPE enables companies to build close community relationships, while simultaneously promoting their brand and supporting high school sports. VYPE reaches a large passionate demographic audience with numerous products and services, including print & digital magazines, newsletters, websites, social marketing, event marketing, annual previews and radio & television productions. OKVYPE.com is the website portal for each magazine market combined into one platform, creating a local, regional & national community for readers, inspired by the lifestyle called sports.

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Poll Guidelines 

1.  Our internet poll provider limits votes to one per day.

2.  Voters using school or office computers and networks sharing IP addresses may experience vote restriction. We recommend using a home computer or mobile device.

3. All poll votes are tabulated in real-time, as hundreds of visitors can be voting simultaneously. Landline and wireless connection speedsvary widely among ISPs (Internet Service Providers). Votes can be cast via smart phones, tablets, laptops, desktops, netbooks and the like, which all have varying process speeds. If you’re having a problem voting, it’s most likely your ISP, location or device, not our poll system.

4. Large vote increases of hundreds or even thousands in short periods of time, are not uncommon and are usually the result of tenacious social networking (Facebook, Twitter, blogs, forums) and other strategies, including group email blasts.


TIP: If you would like to see more votes go the way of your favorite athlete, like it on Facebook, send out a Tweet, text messages, and emails, and get more friends, teammates and others to vote. Booster clubs and schools have assisted in driving poll awareness.

5. Automated voting is prohibited. Irrefutable evidence of such practices is grounds for disqualification. Our web-platform provider has built-in protections to keep individuals or groups from running scripts that claim to auto-vote.

6. The use of call centers by disinterested 3rd parties is prohibited and is grounds for disqualification.

7. Disparaging public comments by nominees, their representatives, parents or legal guardians are grounds for disqualification.

8. Poll votes are tallied at a specific time and indicated for each poll. Polls may remain visible with the ability to accept votes, but any additional votes cast after the specified deadlines, are not used in the final tally.

9. Nominees are contacted via social media, booster clubs, coaches and schools, in most cases. 


Poll Philosophy 

VYPE Oklahoma has recognized the outstanding accomplishments of student-athletes, since our inception in 2007. Our annual All-VYPE teams, most valuable players, players of the week, etc. have always been selected by utilizing specific industry standard criteria. No other local media, or in the country for that matter, excusivley feature more high school student-athletes than VYPE Oklahoma.

Inevitably, we receive calls and emails from proud parents and fans wondering why their student-athlete wasn’t recognized in a manner they feel is deserved. In an effort to recognize additional deserving student-athletes on a bigger stage, our Readers’ Choice polls were developed and are intended to be entertaining and fun. 

The Readers’ Choice winners are just that…readers voting for THEIR choice. 

Where technology fails us, VYPE hopes that students, parents, boosters and schools will not resort to auto-voting. We are relying on them to conduct their voting in a sportsman-like manner, just as their players do on the playing field. VYPE reserves the right to select any individual, or individuals, to appear on VYPE magazine covers. The polls (as clearly indicated), offer a chance to appear on a magazine cover. Subject availabilty, parental approval, and other factors all play a roll in the process.

VYPE takes accusations very seriously, as it concerns underage students, in most instances. Accusations of inpropriety (cheating) MUST be accompanied by IRREFUTABLE PROOF, which supports your accusation. We reserve the right to declare co-winners or invalidate polls when necessary.

If you have any questions or comments, please direct them to us by CLICKING HERE.