Clinton’s Kennedy Meacham: Fan’s Choice Miss Softball Oklahoma – Presented by Shelter Insurance


Fan’s Choice Miss Softball Oklahoma

Kennedy Meacham – Clinton, 96,616 votes

Shaina Spears – Wilburton, 30,389 votes

Micah Whitlow – Blanchard, 14,571 votes

Bailey Kite – Amber-Pocasset, 13,601 votes

Cadence Beach – Sallisaw, 12,683 votes

Brady Rowland – Colbert, 12,169 votes

Janessa Larman – Choctaw, 11,639 votes

Sheridan Kent – Mannford, 10,714 votes

Maddi Joice – Sequoyah Tahlequah, 10,003 votes

Tresha Yager – OCA, 9,025 votes

Other players receiving votes include Serra Stoliby – Southeast, Janie Adams – Dewey, Kirstyn Hines – Woodward, Megan Wall – Idabel, Grace Anderson – Tishomingo, Savana Moll – Dewey, Brooke Mason – Broken Arrow, Kacie LaPorte – Hennessey, Alyssa Emert – Dewey, Toree Buck – Colbert, Jadyn McKenzie – Dickson, Grace Jarvis – Broken Arrow, and many other great players across Oklahoma.

Kennedy Meacham - Clinton 2

Kennedy Meacham – Clinton

As fastpitch softball season wound to a close, Clinton junior Kennedy Meacham rallied the support of her community behind her and won the title of VYPE’s Fan’s Choice Miss Softball. The catcher for the Lady Reds started playing softball at the age of six, and has always been down for some friendly competition.

“I can’t remember a time in my life when I didn’t play softball, T-ball, or wiffle ball at the pool,” Meacham said.“I was always the girl who would play with the boys playing wiffle ball or anything competitive. Softball helps drive my competitive nature and my passion to win.”

Though Meacham does have a competitive personality, she knows that team success comes from mutual encouragement, which is what she strives to give to her teammates. She takes pride in being part of her team.

“When I put on my uniform and step on the field I realize that it isn’t just me,” she said. “It’s my teammates, coaches, fans, and the entire community. Showing my pride by competing for something larger than myself is the most fulfilling part of being a Lady Red.”

Kennedy Meacham - Clinton

Meacham’s father has been influential in her softball career as well as her life.

“My dad has been a role model since I was little,” she said. “He has taken me to the batting barn countless times and even though he is hard on me he works with me to fix whatever I might be doing wrong. We have an unsaid tradition to either go to the batting barn or to go golfing on Sundays after church.”

Sports can be effective teachers, and over the years Meacham has learned a few lessons from softball.

One, “Coaches should never pick white pants.”

Two, “If you don’t know where the field is, don’t always look for the lights, sometimes those are at the prison.”

And three, “Luck is what happens when opportunity meets preparation. Not everyone wants to invest the time it takes to achieve their goals; some would rather settle for mediocracy. You must always ‘Play Like a Champion Today.’”

Meacham plays both fastpitch and slow-pitch softball, as well as golf, snow skiing, and being involved in National Honor Society, and her youth group. After high school she plans to major in accounting, and if an opportunity to continue playing softball arises, you can bet she will take it.